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Eureka + Zuul + Feign + Ribbon - Createing Microservices with Netflix OSS

What is Eureka:

Eureka is kind like a super service responsible for discovering other services in your microservice architecture.

What is Zuul:

Zuul is responsible for intelligent routing around your services.

What is Feign:

A REST client builder.

What is Ribbon:

Ribbon is a load balancer.

Statistical Learning Theory

Learning with a finite dictionary
Recall from the end of last lecture our setup: We are working with a finite dictionary H = {h1, . . . , hM } of estimators, and we would like to understand the scaling of this problem with respect to M and the sample size n. Given H, one idea is to simply try to minimize ˆ the empirical risk based on the samples, and so we define the empirical risk minimizer, h erm,
hˆerm ∈ ˆ argmin Rn(h). h∈H ˆ ˆ In what follows, we will simply write h instead of h
erm when possible. Also recall the definition of the oracle, h ̄, which (somehow) minimizes the true risk and is defined by
h ̄ ∈ argmin R(h). h∈H
The following theorem shows that, although hˆ  ̄ cannot hope to do better than h in general, the difference should not be too large as long as the sample size is not too small compared to M.

Setting up a CI/CD pipeline with GitHub.

CI Server - JenkinsCode reviews with CodacyError monitoring with Airbrake

From Hibernate to Elasticsearch

A great search experience is a must-have for enterprise applications. As full-text search in databases often is limited, ElasticSearch steps in and offers powerful search services through a REST API. But how to keep your domain model and Elasticsearch in sync?

What we often stumble across, though, is the naiive approach of synchronizing both data storages.
It boils down to: Store data in databaseStore data in search index

GitHub and it's ecosystem.

Setting up a CI/CD pipeline with GitHub and Heroku.

1. WaffleIO

Building a Single Page Web App with Spring Boot and Angular 4.

1. Frontend
2. Backend
3. Lessons learned

Java 9 Features

GC (Garbage Collector) ImprovementsStack-Walking APIFilter Incoming Serialization DataDeprecate the Applet APIIndify String ConcatenationEnhanced Method HandlesJava Platform Logging API and ServiceCompact StringsParser API for NashornJavadoc SearchHTML5 Javadoc