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squbs: A New, Reactive Way to Build Applications.

A Mini-Introduction to squbsA new stack called “squbs”(spelled in all lower case with the pronunciation rhyming with “cubes”) makes use of the loose coupling already provided by actors. It creates a modular layer (for your nano-services) called “cubes” that are symmetric to other cubes. Unlike libraries with concrete dependencies at the API layers, cubes ride on the actor system and only expose the messaging interface already provided in Akka. The interdependency between cubes are loose and symmetric. It is not hard to see the roots of the name “squbs” from these concepts and properties. There are only a few principles coming together for designing squbs: It must be extremely lightweight with no measurable performance deficit over a similar Akka application built from scratch.New APIs over the Akka APIs are based on absolute necessity. Developers should not need to learn any squbs API or message protocol to build services or applications on squbs. The knowledge base needed to build squ…

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