From Hibernate to Elasticsearch

A great search experience is a must-have for enterprise applications. As full-text search in databases often is limited, ElasticSearch steps in and offers powerful search services through a REST API. But how to keep your domain model and Elasticsearch in sync?

What we often stumble across, though, is the naiive approach of synchronizing both data storages.
It boils down to: Store data in databaseStore data in search index

GitHub and it's ecosystem.

Setting up a CI/CD pipeline with GitHub and Heroku.

1. WaffleIO

Building a Single Page Web App with Spring Boot and Angular 4.

1. Frontend
2. Backend
3. Lessons learned

Java 9 Features

GC (Garbage Collector) ImprovementsStack-Walking APIFilter Incoming Serialization DataDeprecate the Applet APIIndify String ConcatenationEnhanced Method HandlesJava Platform Logging API and ServiceCompact StringsParser API for NashornJavadoc SearchHTML5 Javadoc

What is Apache Cassandra?

Cassandra is a highly scalable semi-structured database.

Squbs are software containers that provide an infrastructure for combining many micro-services together.

Step 1: Create a new SBT project

Understanding Akka Streams and Asynchronous Architectures

What are Akka Streams?

First of all Akka was written in Scala. So for using Akka properly you will need some knowledge of Scala.